How It Works


Swap My Office makes it possible for community members to exchange their...

  • home
  • home + home office
  • home + outside office
  • outside office only

Start by creating your profile and then list your property. Our User Info & Resources helps you showcase your house and make your listing one-of-a-kind for your fellow members to see.


Use our private community messaging system to send and receive inquiries from your fellow member entrepreneurs.

Browse the home/office listings that have what you need and find a place you love…in a location you love! Then simply reach out and respond to the ones who reach out to YOU.

Get to know your swapmate, and when it feels right, make your exchange arrangements.


This is when it gets really fun—when every workday feels like vacation!

Use our exclusive members-only templates and checklist to prepare your home. And then travel on YOUR time to the places you love, confident you'll have what you need to run your business while you're there.

Oh, and send us postcards. No really, send us your exchange stories. We love to publish them.